Music Class is part of our weekly curriculum and we have two highly-trained enthusiastic instructors who teach the children music history, theory, and appreciation.  The children are also taught the fundamentals of vocal performance.  We have two musicals each year.  


Older students are encouraged to take band and music lessons at AGWSR.  Transportation can be arranged.



Fine Arts

Once a week, we offer an outstanding Art program. Children learn about many great artists and experience many creative craft forms. These include: drawing, painting, collages, mixed-media, and pottery.  




Theater & Speech


Children are immersed in opportunities to practice public speaking.  Students are challenged through recitation of Bible memory work, academic presentations, and class led chapel services.  All students are also involved in a musical every fall and the older students are assigned skits and speeches to perform at our Fine Arts Festival in the spring.

The Arts


We believe there is more than one kind of "Smart."  That's why we not only encourage excellence in subjects like math and science, but we also encourage children to expand their creativity through the arts.  

Windy City Players

When the Windy City Players come to visit the school, some of our students get to participate in the play as well.  

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