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We are very excited to get to know you!  Please read through the following information and complete the application below.


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Copies of the following documents are requested by the first day of school: For Kindergartener: birth certificate, social security card, insurance card, Kindergarten physical with lead screening, immunization record, dental check-up form, and vision check-up card

New Student:  birth certificate, social security card, insurance card, immunization record, any physical, dental, and vision check-up forms

Immunization Record: If your student received new vaccinations since last school year, please bring a copy of the new form to the office. TC must have a current copy on file for our immunization audit done by Grundy County Public Health each year. 

You can email these things: If you prefer to email any of these items directly to the office, please send to

REGISTRATION DIRECTIONS:  Please fill out the registration form completely.  If you try to submit the form with missing information, it will not register.  You may list NA (Not Applicable) if it does not apply.

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