At Timothy Christian School, we are committed to providing an education that will help your child succeed in life.  We offer a challenging academic program that prepares children for their future and inspires them to rise to meet their potential. Teachers encourage creativity as well as critical thinking.  Moreover, no matter what your child's learning "style" may be, parents can be assured that their learning needs will be met and they will receive the  quality education they deserve.  














Timothy offers many advantages:  


1.)  Class sizes are small.  

      Classrooms typically have 5-10 children.  This offers a much greater capacity for individualized attention and instruction.  We refuse to let students slip through the cracks.


2.)  Kindergarten meets three days a week.

     At Timothy, we believe that children need play and rest as much as structured teaching.  We are one of the few schools that still offer part-time Kindergarten.  Kindergarten students meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


3.)  We teach from a Christian Worldview.

     At Timothy, we do not believe in sheltering children from the world, but instead are focused on teaching them to see the world through a Christian worldview.  Our curriculum is chosen to reflect Biblical principles. We are unashamed of the gospel and hold a chapel service every Friday morning.


4.)  Students can be themselves.

     At Timothy, everyone knows you.  Our whole student body is a loving group of kids who welcome new students.  Timothy kids are taught to resolve their own differences kindly.  The whole school plays together during recess and it is common to see 8th graders playing basketball with 1st graders!  


Timothy Christian School is an accredited K-8 school dedicated to providing a quality Christian education.  




Timothy students consistently outperform both Iowa AND national averages on the Iowa Assesments. Our students also consistently score above the benchmark on DIBELS Reading tests. 

 Our research indicates that students who start school in kindergarten at Timothy outperform students who start in later grades. 

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